About us

Michaelis – Your hotel and food expert in Leipzig and its surroundings

Since 1997 Michaelis has been contributing to the enrichment of all areas of the hotel and catering industry in Leipzig. It started as a small but pleasant hotel with comfortable rooms and dedicated staff. For the past 16 years, the range of our business has been continuously expanding.

In this famous trade fair town, we are not only known for our traditional hotel business but we are also firmly established in the field of catering for events of all kinds. Our customers are well-known companies from the region as well as private individuals who are booking our top quality culinary services and ambitious offers for weddings, anniversaries and other events.

Leipzig is known for its distinguished culture – we love that, so we are delighted that we are responsible for guests’ well-being at popular places of cultural interest, such as the Gewandhaus Concert Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts. 

In addition, Campus, Da Capo and Güldengossa Castle are not only gourmet locations that we run but also regularly booked locations for different catered events.


Last but not least, we have opened a new and unique event location right next to our hotel – the Alte Essig Manufactur (old vinegar factory). We would be pleased to hold your conference or celebration in this charming former factory building, now with its own restaurant.



<b>Milestones of&nbsp;Michaelis<br /></b>1997 Hotel &amp; Restaurant<br />2000 Media City Leipzig<br />2002 Da Capo<br />2007 Restaurant Campus<br />2007 Gewandhaus Leipzig<br />2010 Museum of Fine Arts<br />2010 Grassi Museum<br />2012 Güldengossa CastleMilestones of Michaelis
1997 Hotel & Restaurant
2000 Media City Leipzig
2002 Da Capo
2007 Restaurant Campus
2007 Gewandhaus Leipzig
2010 Museum of Fine Arts
2010 Grassi Museum
2012 Güldengossa Castle