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2. Michaelis Pop Up 2020

In June and July 2020 our first two Michaelis POP UP culinary circles took place. A small, exclusive group of guests embarked on a journey through the culinary world of Michaelis diversity. Another event is planned!




Summer in the City

Get to know Leipzig

Vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. We have put together a few attractive arrangements for you to get to know the diversity of our city.

Booking Rooms

In and around Leipzig Michaelis operates

Hotel Michaelis
Accommodation, dining and conferences
Miaboda Apparte­ments
Accommodation and residence
Restaurant Michaelis
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Alte Essig-Manufactur
Accommodation, celebrations and conferences
Da Capo
Galas, brunches and vintage cars
Salles de Pologne
Culture and events
Herrenhaus Möckern
Celebrations, weddings and events
Campus Restaurant
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Michaelis im Museum
Art and events
Michaelis im Gewandhaus
Dining, culture and events
Where pampering becomes a principle.
For you as a guest and for you as a host.
Michaelis. When everything is done.

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