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Business events at a high level

Conferences and seminars run smoothly with Michaelis in a perfect atmosphere and with full service. This can be at the conference centre in Leipzig Süd, which is composed of the Conference Hotel Michaelis, as well as the Alten Essig Manufactur (old vinegar factory) with restaurant and apartment house, or at the Conference de Pologne conference centre right in the heart of Leipzig. Additional locations and co-operations can facilitate meetings and seminars of every size.


8–50 people

Hotel Michaelis

Conference Hotel in Zentrum-Süd (south-central Leipzig) with restaurant
3 rooms, 8 to 50 people, 27 to 90 m2 
plus capacities of the Alte Essig-Manufactur within walking distance

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Floor plans of conference hotel

Salon I20Seminar38 qm
 17U Shape38 qm
 20Block38 qm
 24Banquet38 qm

Salon II14solid Block27 qm

Salon III40Seminar90 qm
 30U-Shape90 qm
 25Block90 qm
 50Banquet90 qm


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8-80 people

Alte Essig Manufactur

Seminars and meetings in the Zentrum Süd (south-central district)
2 conference rooms, 8 to 80 people, 45 to 100 qm
The charm of a loft with service from nearby Hotel Michaelis

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Floorplan of conference rooms

Room Person Seating qm
Essig Manufactur (EG) 80 Theater 100 qm
  60 Seminar 100 qm
  42 U-Shape 100 qm
  40 Block 100 qm
  80 Banquet 100 qm

Lavendel (OG) 8-12 Theater, Seminar, U-Shape or Block 45 qm

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16-100 Pers.

Herrenhaus Möckern

Conference residence in the north of Leipzig
6 seminar room, separate entrance and large terrace
From 16-100 people


Room Person Seating qm
Residenz I     70 Banquet 82 qm
  52 Blcok 82 qm
  30 U-Shape 82 qm
  56 Seminar 82 qm
  100 Theater 82 qm
Residenz II 60 Banquet 40 qm
  70 Block 40 qm
Blue Salon   Catering 23 qm

Himbeersalon 30 Banquet 43 qm
  30 Block 43 qm
  16 U-Shape 43 qm
  30 Theater 43 qm
Spiegelsaal 70 Banquet 82 qm
  52 Block 82 qm
  30 U-Shape 82 qm
  56 Seminar 82 qm
  10 Theater 82 qm
Gewölbekeller 26 Block (front room) 100 qm
  36 Seminar (backroom) 100 qm
  24 individual tables (front room) 100 qm
  50 individual tables (back room) 100 qm

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80-400 people

Conférence de Pologne

Congresses, conferences, and workshops in the centre of Leipzig
5 seminar rooms and roof terrace with 500 m2
From 80 to 400 people

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Room Person seating qm
Room 1 70 Theater 83 qm
  50 Seminar 83 qm
  30 U-Shape 83 qm
  48 U-Shape (incl. Seminar inside seating) 83 qm
  30 Block 83 qm
Room 2 30 Theater 40 qm
  18 Seminar 40 qm
  12 U-Shape 40 qm
  16 U-Shape (incl. Seminar insinde seating) 40 qm
  15 Block 40 qm
Room 3 30 Theater 45 qm
  22 Seminar 45 qm
  16 U-Shape 45 qm
  20 U-Shape (incl. Seminar inside seating) 45 qm
  20 Block 45 qm

Room 2+3 70 Theater 85 qm
  50 Seminar 85 qm
  26 U-Shape 85 qm
  40 U-Shape (incl. Seminar inside seating) 85 qm
  30 Block 85 qm

Room 4 80 Theater 101 qm
  50 Seminar 101 qm
  30 U-Shape 101 qm
  50 U-Shape (incl. Seminar inside seating) 101 qm
  40 Block 101 qm
Room 5 80 Theater 112 qm
  60 Seminar 112 qm
  30 U-Shape 112 qm
  50 U-Shape (incl. Seminar inside seating) 112 qm
  40 Block 112 qm
Room 4+5 250 Theater 213 qm
  150 Seminar 213 qm

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More spectacular meeting locations & venues in Leipzig

Salles de Pologne

Congresses and conferences in the city centre
2 neo-Baroque rooms: 112 - 245 m2, 2 foyers: 50 and 100 m2
for 60 to 400 people

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Da Capo event hall and vintage car museum

Congresses and corporate events surrounded by classic cars
Large event hall and vintage car exhibition
For 30 to 500 people

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Service & Catering

Perfect and professional service
Individual price or with daily rate
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Michaelis Event

Consulting team

Event location and organisation

Are you interested in Da Capo, and would you like to receive further details or an offer? Simply give us a call:

T 0341/2678-0

How to find our locations in the Leipzig area

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Hotel Michaelis
Accommodation, dining and conferences
Miaboda Apparte-ments
Accommodation and residence
Restaurant Michaelis
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Alte Essig-Manufactur
Accommodation, celebrations and conferences
Da Capo
Galas, brunches and vintage cars
Salles de Pologne
Culture and events
Herrenhaus Möckern
Celebrations, weddings and events
Campus Restaurant
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Michaelis im Gewandhaus
Dining, culture and events
Catering & service
Customised cuisine
Where pampering becomes a principle.
For you as a guest and for you as a host.
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