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Come to our Matinée Series »Musique aux Salles de Pologne« 2019

Enjoy our matinée concerts "Musique aux Salles de Pologne" in the historical Salles de Pologne.

Tickets are now available.

Civil ceremonies

Civil ceremonies will be possible from 2020 in our Baroque Hall of Mirrors directly in the Möckern mansion.



In July & August 2019 our first SKYPZIG - Rooftop Festival with selected Leipzig artists took place on the roof terrace of the Salles de Pologne above the rooftops of Leipzig. The festival was a complete success, many thanks to all guests and contributors.


Venue locations

in and around Leipzig

Michaelis can provide the perfect location for an event in Leipzig, whether it be a performance, a presentation or celebration, private or corporate, and from baroque to contemporary. The individual venue locations are presented in overview, with capacities and seating arrangement of the spaces.

8–60 people

Hotel Michaelis

Conferences and events in Leipzig Zentrum Süd
With restaurant, terrace and garden to the loft
3 rooms, 8 to 60 people, 26 to 80 m2

To the Hotel Michaelis in Leipzig page

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Saal I 60 Stuhlreihen 80 qm
  40 Seminar

80 qm

  18 U-Form 80 qm
  24 Blockform 80 qm

Saal II 20 Stuhlreihen 26 qm
  16 Seminar 26 qm
  16 Blockform 26 qm

Saal I und II verbunden 60 Bankett 106 qm

Saal III 30 Stuhlreihen 40 qm
  20 Seminar 40 qm
  18 U-Form 40 qm
  20 Blockform 40 qm
  24 Bankett 40 qm

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8-80 people

Alte Essig-Manufactur

Seminars, conferences, and events in Leipzig Zentrum Süd
The charm of a loft with service from Hotel Michaelis
2 conference rooms, 8 to 80 people, 45 to 100 m2

To the Alte Essig-Manufactur website

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Essig-Manufactur (EG) 80 Stuhlreihen 100 qm
  60 Seminar 100 qm
  42 U-Form 100 qm
  40 Blockform 100 qm
  80 Bankett 100 qm

Lavendel (OG) 8-12 Stuhlreihen, Seminar, U-Form oder Blockform 45 qm

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80-400 people

Salles de Pologne

Conferences and celebrations in the centre of Leipzig
With the conference center Salles de Pologne
2 neo-Baroque halls, 2 foyers, from 80 to 400 people on up to 500 m2

To the Salles de Pologne page

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Barocksaal 216 Gesetztes Bankett 245 qm
 Barocksaal 270 Reihenbestuhlung 245 qm
 Barocksaal 168 Parlamentarisch 245 qm

Schwanensaal 96 Gesetztes Bankett 112 qm

Foyer I     100 qm
Foyer II     50 qm
Komplett 400 Stehempfang 507 qm

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up to 500 people

Da Capo event hall and vintage car museum

Galas, events, celebrations, galas, congresses in the loft hall
The historical industrial charm of vintage cars
From 30 to 500 people on up to 1,520 m2 (net area)

To the Da Capo vintage car museum and event hall page

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Eventhalle bis 450 Gesetztes Bankett ca. 300 qm
 Eventhalle bis 300 Reihenbestuhlung ca. 300 qm
 Eventhalle bis 150 Parlamentarisch ca. 300 qm

Ausstellungsflächen     ca. 1.000 qm

Komplett ca. 500 Stehempfang 1.520 qm

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16-100 people
Herrenhaus Möckern

Herrenhaus Möckern

Weddings and events with park up to 100 people at 150 sqm

To the Herrenhaus Möckern page

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Residenz I     70 Bankett 82 qm
  52 Tafelform 82 qm
  30 U-Form 82 qm
  56 Parlamentarisch 82 qm
  100 Stuhlreihen 82 qm
Residenz II 60 Bankett 80 qm
  70 Tafelform 80 qm
Blauer Salon   Nutzung als Cateringbereich 23 qm

Himbeersalon 30 Bankett 43 qm
  30 Tafelform 43 qm
  16 U-Form 43 qm
  30 Stuhlreihen 43 qm
Spiegelsaal 70 Bankett 80 qm
  52 Tafelform 80 qm
  30 U-Form 80 qm
  56 Parlamentarisch 80 qm
  100 Stuhlreihen 80 qm
Gewölbekeller 26 Tafelform (im vorderen Raum) 100 qm
  36 Tafelform (im hinteren Raum) 100 qm
  24 Einzeltische (im vorderen Raum) 100 qm
  50 Einzeltische (im hinteren Raum) 100 qm

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10-36 people

Campus Restaurant & Bistro

Private celebrations and fresh modern cuisine close to Villa Ida media campus
Guest room for up to 36 persons, see also Villa IDA media campus

To the Campus Restaurant & Bistro page

Raum Personen Bestuhlung Fläche
Gastraum 10-36 Tische ca. 50 qm
Mediencampus Villa Ida siehe hier    

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There are more locations to choose from


Banquets, galas, congresses
Historical centre of Leipzig
From 100 to 2000 people

Request for hire directly from the Gewandhaus
Arrange the catering with Michaelis

Museum of
Fine arts

Banquets, galas, presentations
Modern building in the city centre
From 100 to 400 people

Request for hire directly from the Museum
Arrange catering with Michaelis

Media campus
Villa Ida

Congresses, conferences, and workshops
Modern building with garden
From 21 to 240 people

Request for hire directly from Villa Ida
Arrange catering with Michaelis

Michaelis Event

Consulting team

Event location and organisation

Are you interested in Da Capo, and would you like to receive further details or an offer? Simply give us a call:

T 0341/2678-0

So finden Sie unsere Locations im Raum Leipzig

In and around Leipzig Michaelis operates

Hotel Michaelis
Accommodation, dining and conferences
Miaboda Apparte­ments
Accommodation and residence
Restaurant Michaelis
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Alte Essig-Manufactur
Accommodation, celebrations and conferences
Da Capo
Galas, brunches and vintage cars
Salles de Pologne
Culture and events
Herrenhaus Möckern
Celebrations, weddings and events
Campus Restaurant
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Michaelis im Museum
Art and events
Michaelis im Gewandhaus
Dining, culture and events
Where pampering becomes a principle.
For you as a guest and for you as a host.
Michaelis. When everything is done.

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