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DEHOGA Umweltcheck

Unser Hotel Michaelis erhielt im "DEHOGA Umweltcheck” die Auszeichnung Silber. Für die Auszeichnung mussten wir uns einer kritischen Überprüfung der Bereiche Energie- und Wasserverbrauch, Abfallaufkommen bzw. Restmüll und Lebensmittel, wie beispielsweise der regionale Einkauf, unterziehen. Wir sind sehr stolz, dass unsere nachhaltigen Bemühungen Früchte tragen. Nachhaltigkeit im Hotel Michaelis, hier erfahren Sie mehr.

Gewandhaus Leipzig

Catering and concert gastronomy

The select venues at which Michaelis provides its catering services reflect the quality of our cuisine. Michaelis offers catering services to Leipzig's cultural institutions, including the Gewandhaus with its rich cultural traditions. At the home of the internationally prestigious Gewandhaus Orchestra, Michaelis will implement your special occasion in an atmosphere of culture and musical brilliance: galas, congresses and conferences in the centre of Leipzig.

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Gewandhaus Leipzig

At a glance

Details & location

Augustusplatz 8, 04109 Leipzig

Foyers: stand-up reception for up to 2000 persons
Großer Saal: approx. 1,902 persons (theatre seating)
Mendelssohnsaal: approx. 250 as banquet, 450 as stand-up reception

RRenting the facilities via the Gewandhaus: 
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Michaelis Event

Consulting team

Event locations and organisation

If you would like further details or wish to make a reservation, simply give us a call:

T 0341/2678-0
Gewandhaus Leipzig

Angelika Grünert

Your hostess

If you are interested in an offer, please contact our consulting team:

T 0341/2678-0
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Gourmet delights to accompany the concert

Before the concert and during the breaks we invite you to savour our culinary delights at the Gewandhaus. In seven bars on three levels we offer champagne, cocktails and a range of other drinks. In the Nikisch-Café we serve light snacks and finger food for your enjoyment during the breaks.

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