Catering & Service

Personalised event organisation with customised cuisine

For us, catering means impeccable service in all to do with your event in Leipzig. We coordinate everything with you, from the food and drinks up to the arrangement of the event, and ensure professional service. No matter whether the event is at one of our venues or at your chosen location.

Service & Event

Personalised means we arrange and coordinate events individually, from weddings to gala presentations, from conferences to congresses, from garden parties to birthday parties. Whether a finger food or cocktail reception, a formal banquet, parliamentary seating or arranged according to the theme of your event - please contact us.

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Food & drinks

Personalised means a select cuisine to match your theme, from canapés to finger food, pork on the spit to molecular gastronomy, from draught beer to champagne, we create a harmonious dining experience for you.

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amazing events at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, copyright: KKW
Catering at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, copyright: KKW
Catering & Service

Events with enjoyment

Michaelis Catering & Event has been helping you since 1997 in cultural landmarks in Leipzig, with refined catering from the kitchens of the Michaelis hotel.

We are here for your queries:

T 0341/2678-0

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Catering & Service

We have many satisfied customer

Our catering and events organization have transformed many events into a highlight.

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Michaelis Catering & Event

Consulting team

Event location and organisation

You want to organise conferences or events and are interested in a proposal? Contact us:

T 0341/2678-0

Our three pillars for best catering quality

Seasonal ingredients

We use mainly regionally-sourced and seasonal food, with the necessary extra shot of exotic ingredients, for your event catering. Contact us!

Select beverages

Depending on the occasion, we recommend international wines and wines from the local region. We provide draught beer or champagne on request. We operate bars at some of the venues.

Creative cuisine

Our chefs try out different things. The quality of cuisine in our restaurants carries over to your event. Accomplished with good taste and tastily.

Our three pillars for best quality of service

Sophisticated styling

Dark, bright, red, black, white, depending on the theme, we help to shape your event with cultural sensitivity, seating, lighting and furnishings, even if it is to be held on a green field.

Excellent service

Our staff are trained and experienced hosts. They ensure a smooth process, whether for a catering buffet or à la carte.

Valuable experience

We can look back on long years of experience and can cope well with uncertainty. You can rely on our experience, just as our satisfied customers have.

Alte Essig Manufactur
Alte Essig Manufactur
Villa Ida media campus for congresses and conferences
Da Capo/ Image source: Christian Hüller
Conferences and seminars at the conference center Salles de Pologne
Spiegelsaal, Image source: PK Fotografie
Salles de Pologne/ Image source: Christian Hüller

Venue locations

Celebrate your event at spectacular locations. Michaelis runs venues in Leipzig for every size and every occasion, from performances to celebrations, from conventions to seminars.

Overview of our venue locations in Leipzig
Overview of conferences and seminars Leipzig

T 0341/2678-0

In and around Leipzig Michaelis operates

Hotel Michaelis
Accommodation, dining and conferences
Miaboda Apparte-ments
Accommodation and residence
Restaurant Michaelis
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Alte Essig-Manufactur
Accommodation, celebrations and conferences
Da Capo
Galas, brunches and vintage cars
Salles de Pologne
Culture and events
Herrenhaus Möckern
Celebrations, weddings and events
Campus Restaurant
Fine dining and exclusive catering
Michaelis im Gewandhaus
Dining, culture and events
Catering & service
Customised cuisine
Where pampering becomes a principle.
For you as a guest and for you as a host.
Michaelis. When everything is done.

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